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I made this project as a final assignment for the Concept Art workshop I attended last year. The idea was to get a project for an animated film/book/animated series or video game. I chose Neil Gainman's Stardust because I LOVED the book so much, however I changed Tristran and Yvainne.

This still as WIP.

Fatima anaya fa fatima1
Fatima anaya color

A composition sketch, the idea was the climax or an important moment in the story.

Fatima anaya props

Some props.

Fatima anaya tris

Tristana "Tris" Thorne was easier to create than Yvain but still is a challenge.

Tris is 19 years old girl who has a normal and boring life. She works in her family store while saves some money to attend to the University.

Fatima anaya yvain

Yvain was a real challenge. Changing the character's gender made me to change also his role in the serie.

Fatima anaya the witch